Nathalie, 20

I like it when people smoke, drink red wine and play good music.

I also happen to be born with a strange exigence to put words into sentences.
black celebration

Mes jours en hiver passés à t’oublier
Où chaque seconde est une poignée de terre



I’m glad to see the new photo, I am. But I can’t blank out some sort of disharmony in their outfits. While Serge is utterly fierce and brutal, Tommy looks like a little britpop dandyboy. If it was on purpose, then why? I’m not quite sure that they need to mark out differences between them when it would be so much nicer to put emphasis on how tight they are as an “artistic unity”

And I’m not criticizing any of the outfits, they just don’t seem to work together to me. Sadly.

Maybe they just wore some clothes they liked? I don’t think the photographer put them into those clothes for a specific reason, since Tom’s jacket is definitely his own (TCT 2009), and if Aitor was involved they would probably both wear the same colour. They’re not really the kind of band who let stylists dictate what to wear. Maybe they just thought it would be a good idea to wear that. I’m not sure if I agree, but I don’t think too much should be read into their choice of outfit in some random photoshoot.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure they weren’t following any fashion-advices since there’re some items from their personal wardrobe I can recognize. And I’m totally fine with their self-expression through clothes, because, well, that’s the ultimate image they want to convey to the audience. Although, I happen to value the language of clothes and read it when possible. Since they made a decision to dress up (I hope it’s clear that these are not exactly casual outfits) they could make an attempt to coordinate their looks. If they haven’t done that, well, nothing we can do about it. If they have (and I believe they actually have) then I’m surprised about their choices and allow myself to question them.

bnsparrow: Brandi. :)

Hello, birdy :)

I really did my best :) That’s my favourite playlist by far.

squirrelsatemycake: Melissa Leslie Jane CHEW IT XDDD no srsly, do at least melissa) <3

You’re such a nutjob, I’m telling you :D

I’ll do it all. (but without links because I’m rather tired of adding them and you’re a big girl enough to google, aren’t you? x)

  • Meds by Placebo
  • Everything Counts by Depeche Mode
  • Love Is Not A Competition By Kaiser Chiefs
  • I Don’t Care by Apocalyptica & Three Days Grace
  • System by Archive
  • Shameless by Bryan Ferry
  • Alabama by Neil Young
  • -
  • Lavinia by The Veils
  • Echo by Incubus
  • Stars by Warpaint
  • London by Patrick Wolf
  • Isabelle by Gregory and the Hawk
  • Electro boyyy by The Mighty Boosh
  • -
  • Julie And The Moth Man by Kasabian
  • Away & Anywhere by John Frusciante
  • Nostalgia = Distortion by Aarktica
  • Eyeball Seesaw by Loose Tapestries


stanleys-moon: Katie :)

Hi) here you go:

fuckyeahvirgybk: Virginia :)

Hope you’ll like it :)

coachelladoll: doll, do i have to tell my name?))))

I might happen to have an amnesia, you never know :D

That’s it. You already have an amazing song with your name in it. Don’t get me started on how I lack good songs about Nathalie :(

timeisntholdingup: Sarah :)

My name is… my name is… my name is…


punk-potato-chips: Im really bored so why not... My name is Ronit :)

Frankly, me too :)

Alright then:

Enjoy ;)


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